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This guestbook is for clients, attorneys,  colleagues and others I have entered into a reciprocal link relationship with.     Thanks to all my friends and supporters that are more than welcome here.

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Reply Gladys Brierley
4:33 PM on February 29, 2016 

This was posted in another forum by an attorney client:

Offsite review

"Gladys is smart, talented and relentless. She never gave up, and wouldn't let me give up. She found person who I last saw 50 years ago, who is now going by a different first name and a different last name than she had when I knew her. Seemingly impossible but Gladys found her. I am most grateful."

Reply Robin Lara
2:19 PM on August 2, 2015 

I meet Glady's over 20 years ago.  We were both running the same business, as competitors.  Many of the same business were hurting each other.  Glady's and I shared our positives and dilemma's  together and out grew a mutually beautiful friendship where we could honestly talk shop.  We learned so much from each other, helping each other where ever we could.  We also knew with out a doubt that each other only had each others best interst at heart, nothing less. Who else has ever had that ?  Very rare treasure! Smart, fun, loving, honest, loyal, full of integrity and you have dear Glady's.  

Reply Susan Walker
10:35 AM on September 5, 2013 

Glady's did a fastastic job finding my birth mother.   The informaiton I had lacked a family name and she was able to access and locate my birth mother within two weeks.   For 15 years I attempted this feat, and Gladys accomplished it within two weeks.  The reunion has been a joyful one and has ment the world to both myself and birth mother.

Reply Suzanne
9:56 PM on May 21, 2012 

I have know Gladys Brierley for over 25 years, she is a woman of integrity and loyalty.

Reply Mike Kiger
12:53 AM on November 5, 2011 

I had the pleasure of meeting Gladys when she was first opening her practice as an investigator. I also had the pleasure of acting as a mentor to Gladys. I can remember many phone calls from Gladys and her being full of questions about being an investigator. Gladys was a good student  and has became a great investigator in her own right.


Reply Clayton Polygraph Services
9:13 PM on September 18, 2011 


I enjoyed the conversation we had today about the PI industry.  I do appreciate the referral for a Polygraph Consult.  Thanks Again,

David J. Clayton, B.S. CFC, CPDDE

CEO-Clayton Polygraph Services, LLC

Reply SP
1:16 PM on June 7, 2010 

Gladys provided professional services and went above and beyond what was expected to help me with my case.  She dedicated herself and her resources to my situation.  This includied changing her personal plans to see my case through to conclusion.  Thanks to her efforts, we were successful in locating and serving an individual who has caused much pain and grief to our family.  I strongly recommend Accurate Investigations. Thank you, Gladys, for all that you did! 

Reply NH
3:53 PM on February 18, 2010 

Gladys is a very dedicated, hard working person who will to her very best and her hardest to get the information that is needed. She has provided an overloading amount of information pertaining to our case and we are very pleased with the information that we have recieved from her and her help in our case.  I would reccomend Gladys/ Accurate investigations to anyone.

Thank You Gladys 

Reply Mike Kiger
12:46 AM on December 23, 2009 
Glady: I am so happy to see what you have done with your webiste. All the help, quesitons and consulting have paid off with a great website. Mike Kiger Missing Inc.
Reply NC
4:01 AM on December 18, 2009 
Gladys is a highly dedicated professional who has accumulated an overwhelming amount of evidence for my child custody case. I strongly recommend Accurate Investigations to anyone. Thank you so much Gladys
Reply Dinonath Malick
2:50 PM on September 22, 2009 
I wish you success as PI. You are welcome Gladys. Please do not hesitate to let me know if I can assist you in anyway. I cover in 38 countries globally. I look forward working with you in days to come. Regards, Dinonath Malick India
Reply Lori Gallaspy
9:07 AM on May 26, 2009 
I got all the information I needed and more
Reply Gladys
3:49 PM on May 24, 2009 
This came in to me by way of email and to protect my clients identity I thought it best for me to post it rather than he have to give his email address and name. Grateful Father 23 May 2009 Imagine the emotional impact on a family when one of their children becomes the victim of childhood sexual abuse. Never would have imagined that this could happen to our family-unfortunately it did at the hands of a former "family friend" whom we had not seen in many years (and unfortunately, apparently no longer really knew). As a father who is accustomed to being in control, I found myself extremely angry and frustrated with our "legal system" since it forbade my active participation in the prosecution of the one who harmed my family. After the defendant was released from jail, I decided (in the words of former President Bush after the 911 attacks) to move to an "offensive battle" in the defendant's own backyard. I decided to utilize my anger and frustration in a productive rather than destructive manner and contacted Accurate Investigations. Gladys at Accurate Investigations conducted a thoughtful, discrete, and professional investigation that allowed me to understand who the defendant really was. Amazingly, our legal system in the US neglects to provide much information to victims and their families. Accurate Investigations allowed me a sense of control that allowed me to "maintain the upper hand" as well as my sanity throughout a very lengthy and frustrating legal process. Gladys conducted an investigation in a cautious, legal, and professional manner to avoid harming the case. She provided me with much needed compassion and consultation beyond her call of duty as a private investigator. Compassion for victims and their families and a passion to do the "right thing" is something that the highly paid attorneys in many of our county courthouses seem to be lacking.
Reply JW
12:10 PM on May 21, 2009 
Gladys is one of the very best Private Investigators in Mississippi.
Reply Fernando Cristerna
12:34 AM on April 30, 2009 
Very Nice, Congratulations, to be honest i was not expecting this much professionalism , you really cover most if not all sides of the investigation business, my respects. att: neighbor
Reply M. Judith Barnett, Esq.
11:03 PM on April 28, 2009 
I have found Gladys to be one of the hardest working people in the industry. She is trustworthy, accomplished and follows up on her investigations. she is excellent in court and is willing to go the extra mile to ensure success. I encourage anyone reading this to try her skiled investigation techniques. M. Judith Barnett, Esq.
Reply Abel Santos
10:11 PM on January 13, 2009 
Nice site. See many of your comments on the different groups. Your the one I'd call if ever had anything in your area. Have a Blessed New Year. A2700101/C2700194 www.lighthouserecoveryagency.com
Reply Keith L. Walker
12:55 PM on January 8, 2009 
Gladys, Just wanted to tell you how pleased I was to hear about Billy's prognosis! The Lord really -can- do marvelous things! Peace, Keith http://www.discovery-services.net
Reply PI Rey Investigations
10:09 AM on January 2, 2009 
Very nice web site. If we can ever be of assistance in south Florida give us a call. Visit our website for contact information. Elmer Reyes www.pireyinvestigations.net
Reply Gladys Brierley
9:08 PM on November 26, 2008 
Happy Thanksgiving to all! May your day be filled with family, food, fellowship and the presence of the Prince of Peace!
Reply Paul Zielinski
12:45 PM on October 30, 2008 
I've just finished looking at your site. If you ever have a need in the western PA area, please contact us. Here is our web address and my email: www.z-c-s.com . [email protected]
Reply Allen Gerber, Confidential Invetigations
6:53 PM on September 25, 2008 
Nice to know you. if you need a lead in New York or in Long Island, give me a shout. I'm here to help
Reply Danny Smith
1:54 PM on September 11, 2008 
Great to know you, Gladys. If you need a private investigator in Idaho, give me a call! Danny R. Smith DRS Investigations, LLC Office: 208.452.4159 www.drsinvestigations.com
Reply Kimberly Hale
4:28 PM on August 1, 2008 
Hi Gladys: I just checked out your site and am very impressed with it! Kimberly Hale PI State of Florida A 2400079 561-361-1681
Reply Andrea Brasoveanu
4:17 PM on July 29, 2008 
It was nice talking with you today. Great website! If you need any assistance with investigations in Florida, please contact us anytime. Our website: www.acsii.net. Andrea
Reply John Spencer
12:35 AM on July 13, 2008 
Hey Gladys - Taking a breather and gave your web site a visit. Looks good. Hope to talk to you soon.
Reply Jeff Brown
6:15 PM on June 24, 2008 
Site looks great! Take care and stay safe!
Reply Robert Brunetti
10:34 AM on June 23, 2008 
Hi Licensed, P.I. in Brisbane, Australia currently in Canada on holidays. Website www.c-i-a.net.au
Reply Lynne
9:08 PM on June 1, 2008 
Gladys, If we can ever be of any assistance to you in Colorado, feel free to give us a call. You can find our information on our website: www.hawkinsinvestigations.com
Reply Deb Clemente
7:47 AM on June 1, 2008 
Love your website.
Reply Frederick Budde, PCI
5:52 PM on May 31, 2008 
Nice web site! Hope to become more active with the group after I relocate. Best wishes.
Reply Keith L. Walker
9:50 AM on May 31, 2008 
Hi Gladys, Just wanted to wish you well, and to leave this message, in support of your website. If you need any help in Massachusetts, Connecticut or Rhode Island, please don't hestiate to call. Our website is at: http://www.discovery-services.net Peace, Keith
Reply Tina
11:45 PM on May 22, 2008 
Hey Gladys, Tina Elkins here, TAMA Investigations, Inc. in Metro Atlanta. If you ever need any help here in Georgia give us a call. You can find all my information at www.tamainvestigations.com Look forward to getting to know you through this new association. Tina Elkins PDC#001807
Reply Ted Ferguson
2:58 PM on May 4, 2008 
I saw you on newpi group. Your website looks good. I own Investigative Intel Services, Inc. in the Tampa Bay, FL area if you ever need assistance.
Reply Jeff Alexander
5:29 PM on April 14, 2008 
Nice web site. I was looking around at other investigative web sites and found yours. We specialize in surveillance and background investigations in California. Jeff Alexander www.libertyinvestigations.info
Reply Ed Brown
11:27 AM on April 13, 2008 
Saw your posting on PI NOW blog and checked out your site-- looks good!! I am Lic. PI in Hampton, GA (Home of the Atlanta Motor Speedway) Agency name ED BROWN & ASSOCIATES, LLC. Ph. 770-227-9020 Have family near Hattiesburg-- If my agency can be of assistance to you please call. GOD BLESS,